Lifespan Wellness Coaching

Why seek coaching?


Pre-Conception Counseling

Parents to be can explore ways to help improve their health prior to conception to ensure the health of both their future child and themselves.

Suspected or Diagnosed Developmental Delays

Early identification and intervention of developmental delays can help improve developmental outcomes, in addition to supporting diagnosed delays. Health coaching can help individuals discover and prioritize interventions they might like to try, such as food choices, exercise, sleep strategies, and more.

Chronic Illness or Disability

Health coaching can help optimize health, development, and ability to function for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorders. Coaching is made family based and fun to maximize results.

Learning Disabilities

Coaching can help explore personalized strategies which support brain health and improve focus and learning in children, teens, and adults.

Anxiety and Depression

Health coaching helps explore how changes in food choices and lifestyle choices, in addition to other possible treatments recommended by a physician, can help individuals begin to feel better. 

Autoimmune Illness

Autoimmune illnesses, such as Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis and asthma, are impacted by the decisions one makes in their food, sleep, exercise, and other lifestyle choices. Through health coaching, individuals can seek out methods of decreasing inflammation and promoting healing.

Donna's Specialized Interests

Development and Learning


Donna uses pediatric expertise to  develop supportive measures for children of all abilities and ages, from birth to school age.

Food Choices


Through health coaching, Donna helps individual explore food choices that address their health concerns and support their overall health and well being.

Exercise and Movement


As a physical therapist, Donna recognizes that exercise and movement are important for general fitness as well as for brain health.



A good night's sleep helps support overall health and is essential for mental and psychical health for all ages, as well as child development. Donna helps individuals create a sleep plan that fits both their lifestyle and needs.

Stress Management


Taking time to relax and de-stress is important for everyone. It's important to find the strategies that work best for each person. Donna can help you discover and implement an effective method for stress management.

Environmental Wellness


Through health coaching, Donna can help you discover ways to make your environment more supportive of good health.

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