Donna DeSanto Ott PT, DPT, MS, FMCHC

Donna is an experienced pediatric physical therapist and certified functional medicine health coach based out of Reading and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has a strong interest in environmental  medicine and is the founder of Pennsylvanians for Safe Technology, a  new resource for Pennsylvanian families and others.

Cutting edge programs at major health centers are finding that diet and lifestyle choices can have powerful effects on health and wellness. A Functional Medicine approach to coaching is personalized to each client and their needs and goals. It focuses on using the client's strengths to find ways to address the root cause of a health problem rather than finding a temporary fix. Donna and many others believe this approach is foundational and she now incorporates health coaching  into her physical therapy work. She believes she is seeing better outcomes as a result.

Donna has been strongly influenced her desire to help others through this type of care through her personal experiences. Four of her five children were born chronically ill, but recovered through diet and lifestyle changes. Donna has also used this method to help her overcome her own health challenges. 

Health coaching can help to take individuals from where they currently are to where they want to be. Coaching can help you discover and implement changes that will work for you. Don't be nervous or afraid that this process will involve steep and rapid change. Through health coaching, you can chose a pace and course of action that is right for you. And, even small changes can make a real difference! 

Donna is available for home, community, phone, or video conference coaching. She also provides pediatric physical therapy and is a continuing education instructor. Reach out to her today to discuss your health goals and how to achieve them.