Lifespan Wellness Coaching

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Free 15 minute initial consultation to help you explore the benefits of  Health Coaching and type of program best for you. Coaching is collaborative, you set the pace and your own goals. A health coach is a guide to help you along the way, and provide or refer you to appropriate sources of information that will help you reach your goals.


Coaching is available in person, at a location convenient for you. Services can be home , community or telemedicine based. Call to discuss which option will work best for you! Flexible days and times are available.


Health Coaching is currently a private pay service and not yet covered by most insurances. Fees are kept as low as possible to help clients begin to make these changes to improve their health. Small group sessions are also possible!


  • My doctor wants me to have my child try a gluten free diet! How will I ever do that? What will he eat?  Coaching can help you explore ideas, including types of foods, your child may eat as well as tips to keep your grocery bill as low as possible.
  • What if I find I can't do this? It is normal for any change to be an period of adjustment. A coach can help you to put things into perspective, to try something new to fill the void of what you or your child have to give up. And most of all, a coach can provide encouragement to keep going and achieve your goal.
  • Healthy food is so expensive. How can I possibly do this? Donna is experienced in working with clients of all income levels and has developed many strategies to help clients overcome this concern. 
  • My child is a picky eater and will only eat a few foods, how can I help expand his diet? Donna has worked with families who have this concern. There are different strategies to try, though it may take some time and patience children eventually do eat new foods and reap the benefits of a more diverse, nutrient rich diet.